Supplier Farms – Partnering with Beston Global Food Company

It has been said that a dairy company is not much of a dairy company without milk – and that is certainly the case at Beston. Over the past three years since the company’s beginnings, we have built our milk supply program to a level that now consists of 38 Famers. This has enabled us to fully recommission the Murray Bridge factory now producing Cheddar, Colby, Romano, Pepato, Gouda, Parmesan, and Gruyere cheeses, as well as Le Rice, and earlier this year to open our $26 million state of the art Mozzarella plant at Jervois.

Also, in our three-year journey we have managed to accumulate over 70 Champion, Gold, Silver and Bronze Industry awards including the nation’s highest awards for Cheddar in 2017, and Colby in 2018. Winning these awards has been crucial to Beston’s positioning of our products as “high quality” and “premium every day”. Every company claims to have the highest quality – often this is marketing spin, but Beston Global Food Company can prove that we do, and this would not have been possible without us having access to a consistent supply of premium quality milk. As we progress with our Milk Supply Program, we seek to continually improve our capabilities and services in this space.

We understand that there is much to consider when you are deciding on which company to supply your milk to. Beston Global Food Company is a proud South Australian company which sets the bar for the Industry when it comes to supporting local Dairy Farmers.

For more information on this and how to become a Supplier Farm with Beston Global Food Company contact:

Hamish Browning
Chief Operating Officer
P: +61 8 8470 6500

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