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Every company claims to have the highest quality – often this is marketing spin, but Beston Global Food Company can prove that we do, and this would not have been possible without us having access to a consistent supply of premium quality milk.

Since the company’s beginnings in 2015, we have built our milk supply program to a level that now consists of over 40 Farmers providing more than 140 million litres of milk. This has enabled us to produce a range of high quality cheeses and dairy products at our Jervois and Murray Bridge factories. Recent Capital projects of the past 2 years at Beston’s Jervois facility focussed on high revenue streams have seen Beston significantly grow Mozzarella and Lactoferrin production capabilities.

Also, in this journey we have managed to accumulate over 130 Champion, Gold, Silver and Bronze Industry awards including the nation’s highest awards for Parmesan in 2020, Cheddar in 2017 and 2019, and Colby in 2018 – our Vintage Cheddar was named ‘People’s Favourite’ at the 2020 Australian Grand Dairy Awards. Also in 2020 our Immune+ Lactoferrin Drink was named “Best Functional Drink” at the World Beverage Innovation Awards.

As we progress with our Milk Supply Program, we seek to continually improve our capabilities and services to our farmers.


Season 2021/2022 Milk Supply

Welcome Southern Australian Dairy Farmers.

At Beston Global Foods we believe it is important to provide confidence for our dairy farmers in Southern Australia for a sustainable future, once again we have set a new season price aimed at achieving this.

Please note below our season 2021/2022 standard form Milk Supply Agreement which includes as one complete document a Statement of Justification of Price, The Circumstances of Offer, and Schedule 1 the Milk Supplier Handbook. Also attached is our Statement of Disputes, of which we have none, all as required by the Dairy Industry Code of Practice, introduced in January 2020.

Click here to view the Beston Milk Supply Agreement

Click here to view the  Beston Statement of Disputes – May 1st 2020 to May 1st 2021


Beston Early Payment Program

We understand that there is much to consider when you are deciding on which company to supply your milk to. Beston Global Food Company is a proud South Australian company which sets the bar for the Industry when it comes to supporting local Dairy Farmers.

To that end, Beston continuously looks for ways to innovate and provide flexible payment solutions to help strengthen individual businesses. As such, we have partnered with Earlytrade, a technology company that operates early payment programs for companies, to provide flexibility for select suppliers, enabling our contracted Dairy Farmers to improve cash flow by receiving early payments from Beston on contracted deliveries. Read more…

For further information please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Beston Milk Supply Team;

Hamish Browning GM – Agribusiness 0427 411 406
Samde Ramah Milk Supply Manager 0408 735 400
Julian Manowski Milk Supply & Admin 0407 589 938
Chris Williams FSM – South East 0427 754 282
Glen Aldridge (Part time) FSM – Central 0406 055 259

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