Crafted and inspired by a well-known Japanese producer and made with high quality, award-winning, natural cheese from Beston Global Food Company, these Japanese-style cheese cubes are great tasting, with a superb milky, mild cream flavour, with a well-balanced flavour.

Each variety has a good source of protein and calcium and is low in sugar. They are made with high quality, award-winning Cheddar and Gouda cheeses, creating a perfect complement to any delicious menu anywhere and anytime!

Whether it is a hungry teen or child’s treat or an accompaniment for other food, Kyubu will elevate almost any dish from salads, rolls, sandwiches, baked bread or other pastries.

Kyubu Japanese Style Cheeses' Award-Winning Products


A slightly sweet orange yoghurt taste, combined with a milky and cheesy flavour, all coming together to create a perfect blend.


A milky, slightly sweet strawberry flavour with real strawberry pieces, making it perfectly fruity!


A creamy flavour of mild Cheddar and Gouda cheeses. It’s smooth, cheesy and mildly creamy.


Slightly sweet and creamy, packed with delicious chocolate – a nutty taste of chocolate and real crushed almonds.


A creamy combination of Cheddar and Gouda cheeses, with a slightly spicy nacho and cayenne pepper flavour.

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