In just over four short years, Beston Global Food Company has received 114 Champion, Gold, Silver and Bronze high profile, highly respected and enviable Industry Awards, including being named ‘Best Cheddar Cheese in Australia’ in 2017 and 2019, Best Colby Cheese in Australia’ in 2018 by the Dairy Industry Association Australia (DIAA) and ‘Best Australian Mild Cheddar Cheese’ at the 2019 International Cheese and Dairy Awards in Nantwich, England. Additional to the significant number of Industry awards received, Beston has been featured in InDaily’s South Australian Business Index every year since listing on the ASX late 2015, consistently positioning Beston within the state’s ‘top 100 most successful local companies’. Beston was also named amongst the top 25 winners of the 2019 Fast Movers SA Awards; a significant achievement, based on sustained revenue growth for a company of its size and complexity. This takes the Company’s total awards’ tally to 120!

2018 Business SA Export Awards

  • Emerging Exporter Award

2018 SA Dairy Awards

  • Champion SA Manufactured Cheese
  • Champion Cheddar Cheese of The Show
  • Champion Hard or Semi-Hard Cheese Variety other than Cheddar
  • Best Innovative Dairy Product
  • Gold Medal – Cheddar Mild 20 kg block
  • Gold Medal – Gruyere 6kg round
  • Silver Medal – Gouda 200g block
  • Silver Medal – Colby 200g block
  • Silver Medal – Black wax vintage cheddar
  • Silver Medal – Vintage Cheddar 20kg block
  • Silver Medal – Pepato 4.9kg round

2018 Australian Food Awards

  • Gold Medal (Edwards Crossing Vintage Cheddar)
  • Silver Medal (Edwards Crossing Black Wax Vintage)
  • Bronze Medals x 3 (Edwards Crossings Gouda, Colby and Romano)

2018 Royal Sydney award

  • Bronze x 4: EC 200g Cheddar, EC Cheddar 20kg Semi Matured, EC Pepato, EC Romano,
  • Silver x 2 – EC Colby, EC Matured Cheddar (12 months)
  • Gold – EC Vintage Cheddar (Black Wax)

DIAA 2018 award

Class 7, Cheddar Cheese – Mild/Semi Matured

  • Silver – Edwards Crossing Cheddar Mild 20 Kg

Class 9 Cheddar Cheese – Vintage

  • Silver – Edwards Crossing Cheddar Vintage

Class 11 Consumer Pack – Mild/Matured Cheddar Cheese

  • Silver – Edwards Crossing Cheddar Mild 200 g

Class 12 Consumer Pack – Vintage Cheddar Cheese

  • Silver – Edwards Crossing Vintage Cheddar

Class 15 Semi Hard Cheese

  • Merck Award – Highest scoring semi hard cheese – Edwards Crossing Colby
  • Silver – Edwards Crossing Colby

Class 16 Very Hard Cheese

  • Silver – Beston Pure Foods Pepato
  • Silver – Beston Pure Foods Romano

Class 35 Cheese with Flavours – Fruit

  • Silver – Mables Melon & Mango Cream Cheese
  • Silver – Mables Fruit & Nut Cream Cheese

Class 46 Whey Powder

  • Sliver – Beston Pure Foods Whey Powder

2017 South Australia Dairy Awards

  • Edwards Crossing Cloth Bound Cheddar – Gold Medal & Champion Cheddar Cheese Trophy of the Show.
  • Beston Pure Foods LoSal Cheddar – Most Innovative Dairy Product Trophy
  • Edwards Crossing Colby – Silver Medal
  • Edwards Crossing Gouda – Silver Medal
  • Edwards Crossing Edam – Silver Medal
  • Edwards Crossing Cheddar – Silver Medal
  • Edwards Crossing Matured Cheddar – Silver Medal
  • Mable’s Melon & Mango – Silver Medal

2017 Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA) Awards

  • Christian Hansen Cup and Award – Highest Scoring Cheddar: Beston Pure Foods Matured Cheddar (ie Best Cheddar Cheese in Australia)
  • Gold: Beston Pure Foods Matured Cheddar
  • Gold: Mable’s Garlic & Chive Cream Cheese
  • Gold: Beston Pure Foods Sweet Whey Powder
  • Silver: Edwards Crossing Farmhouse Rinded Cheddar
  • Silver: Beston Pure Foods Block Cheddar (Mild/Semi Matured)
  • Silver: Edwards Crossing Cheddar
  • Silver: Edwards Crossing Colby
  • Silver: Edwards Crossing Gouda
  • Silver: Edwards Crossing Pepato
  • Silver: Edwards Crossing Romano
  • Silver: Beston Pure Foods Pepato
  • Silver: Beston Pure Foods Romano
  • Silver: Paul Connolly, Edwards Crossing (Class: Champion Cheesemaker)
  • Silver: Mable’s Apricot & Almond Cream Cheese
  • Silver: Mable’s Fruit & Nut Cream Cheese
  • Silver: Mable’s Melon & Mango Cream Cheese
  • Silver: Mable’s Spring Onion Cream Cheese
  • Silver: Mable’s Sweet Chilli Cream Cheese
  • Silver: Edwards Crossing Cloth Bound Cheddar

2016 South Australian Dairy Awards

  • Beston Pure Foods Cloth Bound Cheddar – Gold Medal & Champion Cheddar Cheese Trophy of the Show.
  • Edwards Crossing Colby – Gold Medal
  • Edwards Crossing Gouda – Silver Medal
  • Edwards Crossing Cheddar – Silver Medal
  • Edwards Crossing Pepato – Silver Medal

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