Taking healthy eating to the world’s growing communities with Australia’s best foods.

As the planet grows and emerging economies enjoy a better standard of living, they seek safe and sustainable foods to help them realise their human potential.
Beston Global Food Company Limited (BFC) aims to provide natural and verifiably safe food and beverages to global markets so that consumers can make healthy choices.
We do this by owning the raw materials, taking advantage of technology in the production process and controlling distribution.

The BFC business ethos is grounded in delivering the best, most premium Australian products to both the domestic and export markets. This is underpinned by the commitment to health, wellness and optimal nutrition via safe, sustainable and responsible food supply and production inputs. BFC honours clinical evidence based medical and nutritional research, culturally appropriate product offerings, domestic and global nutrition standards and legislation based on health claims and substantiation for products, packaging and promotional material for compliance with the Food Standards Code stipulated by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) and Australian Consumer Law. BFC offers a variety of food, beverage and supplemental nutrition solutions which have notable health benefits and unique product positioning in the market.

BFC has a range of products that focus on food groups such as dairy and meat which provide core nutrients vital for optimal health and wellbeing and specific nutritional benefits that are derived from natural sources with minimal processing, allergens and artificial inputs such as colours, flavours and preservatives. BFC has a genuine and ethical approach to food sourcing, production and distribution which is supported by our three legged vertically integrated model.

Every product BFC produces, distribute or develops is analysed, assessed and presented with key nutritional factors and health outcomes in mind, right down to the specific ingredients, nutrients, sensory factors and suitability for different dietary requirements, health conditions and social, religious and cultural demographics. All products undergo an approval process for product quality specifications, ingredient information, product labelling, health and nutritional claims, adherence to health guidelines and food labelling and packaging requirements including Country of Origin Labelling, ingredient and allergen declarations and Health Star Rating guidance. The value of the Nutrition and Dietetic expertise within our company is demonstrated by the ability to translate the positive health outcomes that are derived from consuming natural, nutritious and premium quality foods and beverages and confirms the commitment to provide only the best Australian produce to our consumers.

Our Vision

Taking healthy eating to the world’s growing communities with Australia’s best food.

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