Beston Global Food Company supplies many Distributors and Foodservice operators with our multi award-winning products and product ingredients.

The Beston Global Food Company offers you:

1. Premium quality all-natural products:

  • No adjuncts, accelerants or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives are used.
  • The highest quality milk is sourced from local farms for our cheese to deliver maximum nutritional value, flavour and freshness.
  • We do not produce any highly processed or analogue varieties.

2. Traditional cheesemaking expertise:

  • Our head dairy manufacturers each have over thirty years’ experience in the dairy industry and have stayed true to traditional cheesemaking methods.
  • We have the capability and expertise to produce both hard and soft cheeses which are matured to the optimal age and flavour profile dependent upon the variety.

3. Mozzarella produced using state-of-the-art technology

  • Our state-of-the-art technology, which has been designed specifically for our plant and production requirements, has been sourced predominately from Italy and is only one of three plants of this kind in the world.
  • The steam injected technology uses a continuous process along the line which ensures the moisture content and protein structure of the block is retained to maintain superior texture, structure and functionality.
  • Our Mozzarella has the following superior characteristics and has been shown to perform favourably in cook tests vs. competitor products:
    • Low moisture content- results in a better melt so cheese remains smooth, intact and provides an even surface distribution on pizza with minimal blistering.
    • Has a long fibrous block structure and optimal functionality for shredding and cooking.
    • Produced from a traditional recipe to deliver superior stretch, low oiling and a light golden colour when cooked.
    • It does not contain starch stabilisers, concentrated proteins, excessive salt or undergo temperature abuse to extend shelf life, such as analogue products/’pizza cheese’.
    • Suitable for Vegetarians.
    • No GMO ingredients.
    • High in Calcium.

For further information, contact:

Paul Glenister – National Sales Manager, Foodservice 
P: +61 413 749 005

Debbie Joyce – QLD
P: +61 447 444 595

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