Volcanic Alkaline Water was launched in November 2016 with an aspiration to bring the purity and health of South Australia to the world. Ei8h+ Water is filtered through underground limestone aquifers connected to the pristine waters of the famous volcanic Blue Lake in Mount Gambier, South Australia. This unique naturally alkaline water inspires people to be healthy from the inside out.

Why ei8h+ Water?

  • Intensely and naturally alkaline
  • Abundant in Minerals and Electrolytes
  • Higher in Antioxidants
  • South Australian product with a Global vision

Health Benefits

Faster Absorption and Superior Hydration

Can help restore a neutral balance in the body

Can assist in detoxification

Mineral and electrolyte replacement

Product Range





For more information, contact:

David Wilson
Group General Manager, Sales and Marketing
P: +61 8 8470 6500
E: dwilson@bestonglobalfoods.com.au

Paul Richardson
National Retail Manager
P: +61 8 8470 6500
E: prichardson@bestonglobalfoods.com.au

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