Welcome Southern Australian Dairy Farmers

In Milk Supply Beston Global Food Company holds as its mission a goal to be the people who do it right with farmers, building strong relationships by providing high levels of service and company engagement, offering relevant and effective options with competitive prices, and by acting with integrity at all times.

Beston is committed to providing confidence in a sustainable future for Dairy Farmers in the South Australian dairy regions and to encourage stabilisation and growth in milk production volumes.

  • Since the company’s beginnings in 2015, Beston have built our milk supply program to a level that now consists of over 30% of South Australia’s milk, processed at Beston’s Jervois and Murray Bridge factories in season FY2024.
  • This has enabled Beston to produce a range of very high quality cheeses and dairy nutraceutical products.
  • Over this journey we have accumulated over 163 Champion, Gold, Silver and Bronze Industry awards.
  • In 2020 our Immune+ Lactoferrin Drink was named “Best Functional Drink” at the World Beverage Innovation Awards.
  • Beston recently achieved the award for highest scoring Mozzarella at the Dairy Industry Association of Australia awards.
  • Beston proudly supports and engages in industry leadership via Dairy SA, SADA and ADPF, including Dairy Australia.
  • As we progress with our Milk Supply Program, we seek to continually improve our value and services provided to our farmers.

Milk Supply Agreements

Please see below, our season 2024/2025 standard form Milk Supply Agreement, which includes as one document:

  • Statement of Justification of Price,
  • The Circumstances of Offer,
  • Schedule 1 the Milk Supplier Handbook.

Also provided below is:

  • Statement of Disputes, of which we have none, all as required by the Dairy Industry Code of Practice, introduced in January 2020.

For further information regarding any questions you may have about our milk program please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Beston Milk Supply Team:

Hamish Browning Director – Agribusiness & Milk hbrowning@bestonglobalfoods.com.au 0427 411 406
Chris Williams Milk Supply Operations Mgr cwilliams@bestonpurefoods.com.au 0427 754 282
Samde Ramah Milk Supply Field Services Mgr samde.ramah@bestonpurefoods.com.au 0408 735 400
Natalie Kleinitz Milk Supply Admin Officer natalie.kleinitz@bestonpurefoods.com.au 0407 589 938


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