In 2012, BFC’s founder, Dr Roger Sexton, had a vision; he saw an opportunity to produce premium quality food products in Australia in a way that was better than had been done in the past – and to then take these products to the growing consumer food markets of the world.

Listed on the Stock Exchange in 2015, BFC has focused on delivering these objectives and when it purchased a business which included two dairy factories; one in Murray Bridge, the other in Jervois, South Australia, it significantly shifted its major attention to Dairy.

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BFC invested $26.5M to fit the derelict Jervois factory out with state-of-the-art technology sourced predominately from Italy in order to produce Beston’s Edwards Crossing premium quality Mozzarella cheese, as well as by-products including whey powder, cream and butter.

BFC’s Murray Bridge factory is all about variety. This is where its award-winning Beston’s Edwards Crossing Cheese and Mable’s Cream Cheese product ranges are produced, as well as hard cheeses such as Gruyere and Parmesan. It also produces dairy desserts from rice pudding to custard.

Led by talented Master Cheesemaker, Paul Connolly, the results of the Dairy Team’s hard work is in the industry recognition, having now been awarded a total of 131 Champion, Gold, Silver, Bronze and other national Dairy Awards for BFC’s dairy products.

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Beston's Edwards Crossing

Beston’s Edward Crossing Cheese Company pays tribute to the pioneers of the yesteryear by using the best natural ingredients and remaining true to traditional cheese making methods.



Beston's Mables Cream Cheese

With no added preservatives and the special processing technique used to mix fruit/savoury flavours with cream cheese makes the product very unique in the market place.


Soft Dairy and Powders

Beston Global Food Company’s Soft Dairy and Powders are in demand and subject to availability


Australian Meat

Australia’s south-eastern region is recognised as the clean, green food bowl of growing global markets.

As a country, we have a trusted and outstanding reputation for protecting the environment and industries from pests and diseases, and our systems are backed by laws to support our primary production and clean landscapes.

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Provincial Food Group

Provincial Food Group (PFG) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beston Global Food Company. PFG manufacture food products for Export and Domestic requirements in the Retail and Foodservice markets. PFG also operates in the B2B segments as a supplier of raw diced and minced meat to other food manufacturers.


Health and Nutrition

Every product BFC produces, distributes or develops is analysed, assessed and presented with key nutritional factors and health outcomes in mind, right down to the specific ingredients, nutrients, sensory factors and suitability for different dietary requirements, health conditions and social, religious and cultural demographics. All products undergo an approval process for product quality specifications, ingredient information, product labelling, health and nutritional claims, adherence to health guidelines and food labelling and packaging requirements including Country of Origin Labelling, ingredient and allergen declarations and Health Star Rating guidance.

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Ei8h+ Water

Ei8g+ Water is filtered for thousands of years through underground limestone aquifers connected to the pristine waters of the Limestone Coast’s famous volcanic Blue Lake in Mount Gambier, South Australia.



Committed to its business ethos in delivering the best, most premium Australian products to both the domestic and export markets, BFC invested in Neptune Bio-Innovations (NBI) in 2015.


Beston Technology

BFC’s food safety technology is a fundamental part of the company’s business strategy to deliver healthy, safe, clean, green and authentic food and beverage products from Australia to the worlds growing communities.

The Company’s OZIRIS™ and related technologies acknowledge the uniqueness and sophistication of the technologies which have been developed by BFC. In recognition of the value of these technologies, BFC made a decision to vest the technologies into a separate company, Beston Technologies Pty Ltd, which is wholly owned by BFC.

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For buyers of premium quality produce, providence and traceability is paramount. Prestige buyers not only seek appropriate certification relating to the product, but also, in some cases, seek to witness the operation first-hand and/or obtain an audit of the supply chain.


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