LACTOFERRIN (Subject to availability)

Lactoferrin is a high value dairy protein that is primarily known for its use in infant formula to provide the bioactive properties that mimic breastmilk. It also maintains high bio-functionality and enables a wide range of biological and technical functionalities including dairy foods, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical products including respiratory medications, cosmetics and oral hygiene products.

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Lactoferrin and Immunity

An iron-binding glycoprotein. Lactoferrin (Lf) acts as one of the body’s first defense mechanisms against bacterial attack by boosting your immune system with strong anti-microbial, anti-virus, anti-fungal properties

The general immune supporting anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of Lf have been known for many years.  Lf has been shown to inhibit viral impacts on the body through a number of studies

Lf is in all human secretions (tears, saliva) and is in high concentrations in breast milk to support baby’s development and immune system


Markets / Uses

  • Infant formula
  • Health supplements
  • Immune support in medical settings eg cancer treatment
  • Nutritional foods
  • Personal care products


  • World demand c. 600Tpa. CAGR has been c.8%pa and expected to continue over time
  • BFC to sell B2B as an ingredient. Pricing varies on quality, term and market segment
  • Beston seeking c.70%pa volume sold under long term supply contract.

Lactoferrin – the protector in a modern world – YouTube

Lactoferrin And COVID-19: Previous Evidence And Mechanism Against COVID-19 – YouTube

WHEY POWDERS (Subject to availability)

Beston Global Food Company powders are free flowing and free from non-collapsible lumps and visible scorched particles. Our powders have multiple applications including confectionery, ice-cream manufacturing and as an economical dry dairy ingredient.

Available in Size Packed in Unit
WHEY POWDER 25kg Bag Each
WHEY POWDER 1000kg Bag Each

BUTTER (Subject to availability)

Beston Global Food Company can produce butter from fresh cream and whey cream, depending on our client’s requirements. Fresh cream can either be sourced externally or is produced following homogenisation of milk at our Jervois Plant, whilst whey cream is sourced from our cheese making process.

Quark is developed specifically in bulk order for our clients and often used as a dairy ingredient.

Available in Size Packed in Per Carton
CREAM BUTTER (salted/unsalted) 25kg Bag 1
GRADE BUTTER (salted) 25kg Bag 1
QUARK 1000kg Bag N/A

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