For buyers of premium quality produce, providence and traceability is paramount. Prestige buyers not only seek appropriate certification relating to the product, but also, in some cases, seek to witness the operation first-hand and/or obtain an audit of the supply chain – as can be provided by the OZIRIS™ Traceability and DataDot™ Anti-Counterfeit Technology platform employed by Beston Global Food Company.

OZIRIS™ will provide a comprehensive and compelling solution to allay the fears of consumers about food source and integrity, and will allow them to verify the produce they are looking to purchase as safe to eat or drink. A vital component of all our products is providing our consumers with the assurance and confidence the product is safe and that its authenticity can be verified. The OZIRIS™ App is available on iOS and Android, and runs in English, Mandarin and Arabic languages.

As global demand for food continues to outstrip supply, OZIRIS™ Traceability and Anti-Counterfeit Technology will provide consumers with food safety, authenticity and peace of mind. OZIRIS™ is an end-to-end traceability technology platform enabling consumers to verify the source, logistics, producers, quality and integrity of food and beverage products. OZIRIS™ has been wholly developed by Beston Global Food Company with both patent and patent pending innovations.

OZIRIS™ exclusively integrates with DataDot™ patent anti-counterfeit technology, and seamlessly integrates with most social media and digital marketing platforms to ensure unprecedent customer interaction and convenience. OZIRIS™ Traceability and Anti-Counterfeit Technology will be the ultimate solution for delivering peace of mind to consumers globally.

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