Beston Marketplace is an e-Commerce facility with a full range of premium food products available to customers both locally and globally and earning loyalty points with every purchase. Customers can choose to receive alerts across the whole ordering experience via both Beston Marketplace and OZIRIS™ Mobile App.

All orders are securely processed, and all products sold through Beston Marketplace have anti-counterfeit and traceability functionality, while also packed and sealed in unique Beston Envirobags for quick delivery. Customers are kept up-to-date with an estimated delivery time and latest analytics of the delivery including temperature and current location.

BFC’s customers also receive Beston loyalty points for completing the scan and can view these either on OZIRIS™ or their Beston Marketplace account. Customers can enjoy their products with the peace of mind that they are all fresh, healthy and 100% authentic.

Each individual product can be scanned to perform an end-to-end trace through OZIRIS™, with allows the customer to view the full details of each product’s history, including exactly what is in it, and when and where each of the ingredients was sourced.

Beston Marketplace is available in English, Mandarin and Arabic languages.

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