Australia’s south-eastern region is recognised as the clean, green food bowl of growing global markets.

As a country, we have a trusted and outstanding reputation for protecting the environment and industries from pests and diseases, and our systems are backed by laws to support our primary production and clean landscapes.

As a result, all of our food, including meat, is considered among the best quality anywhere in the world. Our agricultural produce is cultivated in a highly fertile and clean environment.

In Australia, the majority of cattle are raised and fattened on natural pastures. Variations in seasonal geographic factors influence the style and quality of beef produced on grass. Grass fed beef is lean and is generally favored by many consumers because it is seen as healthy and low in fat.

Provincial Food Group

Provincial Food Group (PFG) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beston Global Food Company. PFG manufacture food products for Export and Domestic requirements in the Retail and Foodservice markets. PFG also operates in the B2B segments as a supplier of raw diced and minced meat to other food manufacturers.


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